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SOILWORK have officially announced the arrival among their ranks of guitarist and long-time friend David Andersson (Night Flight Orchestra). “We’re super stoked to have David with us”, said vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid. “He’s a blast to be around and a kick ass guitarist. Plus, we’ve known him for so many years, from all the touring together, we just know he’s a perfect fit for us.” Andersson has toured on and off with SOILWORK since 2006, and most recently during the 2011 festival season in support of the band’s acclaimed eighth album The Panic Broadcast.

Regarding the recently announced split with founding guitarist Peter Wichers, who first left the band in 2005 only to return four years later, Speed commented: “We just had to do this. It’s in the best interest of both him and us. SOILWORK was born to be out there, tearing up the stage. Peter’s been unable to commit to the kind of touring we need to do and it’s time for us to move on. David’s played with us for so long, he’s really grown into the band. It feels natural, like a seamless transition. We’re thankful for everything Peter has contributed to SOILWORK over the years and we sincerely wish him the best.”

SOILWORK are currently in the process of writing new music for their ninth album, The Living Infinite. “We’re working our asses off to put this record together”, said Strid. “It’s gonna be fantastic, the songs and ideas are flowing like crazy! As far as the musical direction goes, there’s tons of crushing, high energy, in-your-face metal. Trust me, we’re not about to go mellow anytime soon!”

Photos © 2012 Hannah Verbeuren – www.hannahvphotography.com

Posted on 28 Jun 2012 by: Dirk Verbeuren


will perform at this year's Barge To Hell metal cruise alongside Krisiun, Sepultura, Possessed, Sanctuary, Sodom, Hypocrisy, Sacred Reich, Loudblast and many more!

The cruise will take place December 3rd to 7th between Miami, Florida and Nassau, Bahamas. To book your tickets now for a luxurious metal-drenched trip to the infernal depths, click on the banner below!

Posted on 19 Apr 2012 by: Dirk Verbeuren


After a highly successful run of European festivals and select club shows, Swedish melodic metal maestros SOILWORK have started writing music for the follow-up to The Panic Broadcast, which debuted the US Billboard charts at #88 upon its release in July 2010.

Commented vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid: “It's been an intense summer and at this point, me and the boys are hibernating in pretty much every corner of the world and putting our next album together. Many songs are yet to be written but the inspiration is flowing! People can expect a continuation of the intensity and presence of The Panic Broadcast, only taken to a higher level. That's the mindset. We will do some touring next year as well, before hopefully entering the studio sometime in the early fall. The album title is already set: "The Living Infinite". Chew on that for a bit and don't spit it out until the music is invading your ears, folks! Until then, make sure you follow the songwriting process and other news on Soilwork's official Facebook page. You can also follow Speed on Twitter. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and thank you all for your continuous support!"

Additionally, SOILWORK have uploaded new footage from their performance at last summer’s Roskilde festal in Denmark. Here’s an exclusive on-stage video for “Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning”!

Posted on 19 Dec 2011 by: Dirk Verbeuren


Thanks to all of you who came out and supported us on the first leg of the Soilworker's Europanic MMXI! We had insane amounts of fun, probably some of the best shows in SOILWORK history... And that's mainly thanks to YOU, our awesome legion of fans!

We're also very thankful to our friend David Andersson who did a fantastic job filling in for Peter! We've decided that David will perform a majority of the upcoming shows with us while Peter completes his recovery.

Massive thanks also to our incredible powerhouse crew: Jimmy and Mats, as well as our team at The Agency, Nuclear Blast and everyone else who helped in making these concerts happen.

A new show has been added to the list: that's right, we're ready for another round of pure Finnish mayhem at Helsinki's Nosturi on September 9th!

But first off, we'll see you at Brutal Assault, Jurassic Rock and Gyar... Cheers y'all!

Posted on 20 Jul 2011 by: Dirk Verbeuren


Peter Wichers and SOILWORK would like to share the following message with you all:


Thanks for all the great feedback and kind words of encouragement regarding my back injury! I'm feeling much better after several months of resting, but I'm not 100% yet, so I've decided to sit out some of the Summer Festivals in order to make a full recovery sooner. Filling in for me will be an old friend of the band and an amazing player: David Andersson. David has helped SOILWORK out in the past, and we're grateful that he's offered to step in once again and make these shows possible!

Rock on,

David Andersson will fill in for Peter Wichers in June and July 2011. See the complete list of upcoming SOILWORK shows here.

Posted on 06 Jun 2011 by: Dirk Verbeuren

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