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Hi all,

We're still in Sweden and slowly getting prepared for our upcoming Panic Over Australia headlining tour... Very excited!

In this little update, I'd like to introduce you to a very special person who has been with SOILWORK since the very beginning; a man who's continually put other matters aside to give us his full attention, who'd search through a whole warehouse to find us a guitar cable, help us transporting gear and keeping the coffee warm while always having a big smile on his face: Mr. Goran Rabar. This Croatian madman with a heart of gold deserves all the cred he can get!

So who's Goran? Well, he's hired by the Swedish state to help out kids at a big rehearsal complex down by the harbor in our hometown of Helsingborg, Sweden. This is where it all really took form for SOILWORK. It's where we started to jam out the songs that would end up on A Predator's Portrait and the following albums. That's ten years ago, and we're still there. That's why we wanna take the time to thank Goran, who's at the complex every day helping out kids who dream of learning to play an instrument, starting a band and to one day maybe tour the world. During those ten years I believe Goran's taken 4 weeks of vacation in total, and he's always been there for us.

Thank you Goran, you rock!!!

/Speed and Soilwork

Posted on 15 Sep 2010 by: Dirk Verbeuren


Phew, that was a hot one... But we enjoyed the hell out of it! Thanks to ALL OF YOU who came out to see us on this tour, it truly was a pleasure to perform some old and new songs for you! All of your positive feedback really means a lot to us.

Massive thanks also to our fantastic road crew who made this tour a smooth ride for us, and to all the other bands for the good times...

And finally, a huge shout out to our endorsers, and especially Diezel Amps for their kind help! Check out their killer gear when you get a chance!

Speed himself has issued some interesting end-of-tour comments in yet another edition of the cosier-than-thou Speed's Corner.

We're very happy to announce that The Panic Broadcast is still going strong, in fact it's well on its way to become the most successful SOILWORK release yet! If you haven't grabbed a copy yet, make sure to pick one up. And stay tuned, more news coming soon...


Posted on 27 Aug 2010 by: Dirk Verbeuren


Hey everybody, here's another update straight from the road... Our North American shows have been absolutely amazing so far, thanks to all of you loyal Soilworkers who are coming out to see us! Even when the scorching Austin heat caused a power outage during our Emo's show, everyone patiently waited to resume a fantastic- albeit sweaty- night!

The new material is going over extremely well on stage, we're truly stoked that The Panic Broadcast is already being hailed as a new SOILWORK classic! If you haven't purchased your copy yet, head over to the discography page now!

More about the current tour right here in Speed's corner.

Upcoming tours in Europe and Australia have now been fully confirmed.
Check out the tourdates section for details!

On the video front, our new single Deliverance Is Mine is featured in Capcom's Dead Rising 2 trailer:

As a reminder, the official video for Deliverance Is Mine is out now! Created by iCODE Team/Rock The Nation, this CGI masterpiece is a sequel to 2003's Light The Torch featuring the same cast of characters in a new heart-stopping adventure:

Posted on 07 Aug 2010 by: Dirk Verbeuren


What's up boys 'n gals? We're actively spreading the Panic over North America with the mighty DEATH ANGEL, AUGURY, MUTINY WITHIN and SWASBUCKLE, and it's been an absolute blast so far- thank you all for coming to our shows and rocking out with us!!!

Here's a brand new Sick Drummer Magazine drum cam video for your peeping pleasure:

Tomorrow August 4th we'll be taking SMNnews by storm! For 24 hours you can come and discuss all things metal with Speed & co, check out exclusive pictures and articles written by the band members themselves, and indulge in all things SOILWORK... So don't miss this unique opportunity, head over to SMNnews and join the party!

Posted on 03 Aug 2010 by: Dirk Verbeuren

Limited edition available now from Nuclear Blast! Also some Amazon pre-orders!

You are looking at the Mailorder edition of The Panic Broadcast. This is limited to only 500 copies, and you can only get it over at the nuclear blast site. Click here to place your order! Get yours now before they are sold out!

You can also head over to Amazon and place pre-orders for the following items:

The Panic Broadcast, CD+ DVD set!

The Panic Broadcast t-shirt!

We will be updating our website, putting it into full Panic Broadcast mode over the next week or so. You may find the website, or parts of it down from time to time while we are working on it. Please keep checking back for lots of exciting news!

Posted on 20 Jun 2010 by: Soilwork

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