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Dear SOILWORK fans,

The past two years have been great although sometimes a bit turbulent. We made another killer album and did several amazing tours around the world; and today it is with sheer joy and excitement that we announce the return of Peter Wichers as a guitarist in SOILWORK. He's been missed both as a bandmate and as a songwriter. We know that we can come back even stronger, and it definitely gives us a feeling of inspiration and completion to have Peter, one of the founders of SOILWORK, come back to the fold. We feel that we can look into the future with greater confidence and musical creativity. Having Peter back will complete the circle and the final line up of the band.

This also marks Daniel Antonsson's departure from SOILWORK as Peter's replacement since 2006. We are really grateful for Daniel's excellent work and he will be missed. However, to us it's ideal for Peter to fulfill his former duties as a songwriter and guitarist. Going separate ways with Daniel is not an easy decision for us to make, but it's the right one. We wish Daniel the best of luck and many great things with his other band Dimension Zero! Rock on Daniel!!!

As we previously announced, Dirk's bandmate in Scarve, Sylvain Coudret, has been doing session work for us throughout the Summer and shredding on second guitar. Therefore we're taking this opportunity to confirm Sylvain as a permanent guitar player for SOILWORK. Since we're big fans of Scarve, we know Sylvain will make a great addition to the songwriting process for the next SOILWORK album.

Peter's return to SOILWORK will begin on stage with the upcoming European tour. See below for Peter's personal statement:

Dear Fans of SOILWORK,

Let me first of all say that I'm incredibly grateful for all the amazing feedback and support that I've received since my departure from SOILWORK almost three years ago.

When I left SOILWORK I was at a place in my life where I felt burnt out on touring and I needed to get my life into a more stable situation. I needed to do something other than SOILWORK, perhaps explore more diverse styles of songwriting and musical journeys. Therefore, over the past few years, I've been very focused on production, songwriting and family, and have had the privilege to work with some amazing artists on some really cool and rewarding projects.

During my time away from the band, my good friend Bjorn "Speed" and I had always kept in touch and maintained a great friendship. We recently spoke about working on a possible musical collaboration, and that's when we started toying with the idea of me perhaps returning to SOILWORK.

I needed some time to think about it, but after careful consideration I've decided that I still have tons of enthusiasm and creativity to contribute to SOILWORK. I have a lot of love for my brothers in the band, and I would of course be honored to once again share the stage with the greatest metal band in the world!

So it is with great honor that I now announce my return and 110% commitment to SOILWORK. I guarantee that we'll bring forth one hell of a show and write the best album in SOILWORK's career.

See y'all out there!!!!

Yours truly,
Peter Wichers

We're looking forward to rocking out with all of you this Fall and Winter... See you on the road for a unique Swedish metal feast that may very well include some blasts from the past!


Posted on 18 Sep 2008 by: Dirk Verbeuren


Here we go again! After an entire year of rocking out from Russia to Taiwan and everywhere in between, the time is ripe for some good ole' SOILWORK headlining tours! Our upcoming European dates have been out there for a while now - quite an exciting package with ZIMMERS HOLE and ONE-WAY MIRROR - and today we can finally announce what will be the very last leg of our "Sworn To A Great World Tour": nothing less than a 50 days long North American/Canadian trek! That's right people, we're coming back to your town for a killer set packed with pure Swedish metal!

After this tour, we will take a long break to write what we've already decided will be our best album ever... So, in order to properly celebrate this last Stateside trip, we made sure to hit more different cities than ever before. And to really top things off, we'll be bringing along our great buddies in DARKANE as well as crazy thrashers WARBRINGER and stellar doomsayers SWALLOW THE SUN for a package that's guaranteed to blow the bullets out of your belt! There really is no excuse to miss this insane metal foursome, especially when tickets are on exclusive pre-sale right now from Enter The Vault! So better head to the tourdates page and make sure to witness what will without a doubt be one of the heaviest tours in 2009!

Stay tuned for more SOILWORK news coming up very soon...

Posted on 04 Sep 2008 by: Dirk Verbeuren

Soilwork.org is back online!

As you can see the official Soilwork website is back online! We are still working on restoring certain features on the site that were affected by the long down time. Please check back soon, all of the content will be back online very soon.

Posted on 25 Aug 2008 by: Soilwork

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