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Decibel Mag: 8/10
The Panic Broadcast captures the Swedes at their best.”

Blabbermouth: 8/10
"The Panic Broadcast defines "return to form" and exemplifies the reason why the Swedish greats transcend
notions of 21st Century melody in extreme metal."

Bloody Disgusting: 5/5
“I cannot recommend this album enough. If you need something driving, melodic and powerful, look
no further. You may just have found your Album of the Year.”

Violent Solutions: 17/20
“Undeniably the Swedes' best release since Natural Born Chaos.”

Death Metal Baboon: 10/10
"Soilwork manage to reinvent themselves yet again, while still making an unmistakable Soilwork release. Death metal as it should be!"

Metal Eater
“Soilwork has succeeded in creating one of the most ambitious, thoughtful, intricate
and beautiful albums Melodic Death metal has to offer.”

Connections Mag: 5/5
“The perfect blend of aggression and melody. Soilwork continues to craft a solid music product for metal fans.”

Full Metal Rock
The Panic Broadcast is a perfect display of their creative prowess; to say a masterpiece would be an understatement.”

Offering Webzine
“Quite possibly Soilwork’s best album in these modern years. HIGHLY recommended.”

About.com: 4/5
“The band's musicianship and songwriting ability has steadily improved. That results in much more memorable and
catchy songs, and still plenty of intensity. The Panic Broadcast seamlessly meshes the two,
resulting in a well-crafted album.”

The Number of the Blog: 4.5/6
“Ok, first things first, deep breath… it’s good. It is. Very good.”

“The band have bridged the gap from their earlier work to their more recent material effectively and are
practically begging to be both rediscovered by the underground and shepherded further into the mainstream.”

Metal Assault
“This album has pushed the envelope. Scratch that. This album has taken the envelope and torn it to f***ing shreds.”

“Soilwork appears to be back on track, just like its 2002 all over again…
The Panic Broadcast is Soilwork’s best showing since Natural Born Chaos.”

X-plosive Entertainment: 7/10

Ytse Jam: 4.5/5
“Setting the standard for both melodic and technical extreme metal
while pushing the envelope for all things musically belligerent.”

Heavy Blog: 4/5
“A spot in metal history should be reserved for these Swedish metallers.”

Infernal Masquerade
“Brilliant solos and well crafted melodic sections.”

Metal Storm: 4.5/5
“From the slow and melodic, to the bludgeoning and vicious, the disk runs the gambit of human emotion.”

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