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Posted on 24 Sep 2012 by: Dirk Verbeuren

Reality check

Hi there,

So, back in Sweden again, what a contrast. From everything happening at the same time with a show every night and being social to nothing but a nice view and total silence. My ears are ringing like never before, I might have to look into that... I'm back in my house on the south Swedish coast trying to relax, which is not always easy, especially after a tour. We had a great tour, great touring companions, from the super professional, young and talented Mutiny Within to the super energetic Death Angel who kicked so much ass every night. I feel we've gotten closer to many of our fans by doing the VIP meet 'n greets... A lot of good people, a lot of questions, it felt great to give them full attention for a bit. Thank you for coming out, all of you!!!

The one memory that sticks to me the most on the tour is when we played Vancouver, in Hastings or more like Wastings... It might not be the nicest memory but a scenery that I simply can't forget: the day we rolled into Hastings, it was Welfare Wednesday and everybody could get free clean needles. I've never seen anything like it. HUNDREDS, shooting up on the street. There were so many needles in the back alley where we parked the bus that I almost wish we still had our endorsement with New Rock (Spanish gothic shoes with soles thicker than a rhino's skin). After tap dancing in to the venue with my newly "stolen" Jaegermeister flip-flops it was all good... until I went out in the alley again and had to witness a chef getting a blowjob from a hooker on his "break". I didn't wanna see that.

Those things put it all into perspective when you're back home by the ocean, cutting your lawn while chit-chatting with your neighbor on the other side of the fence and getting the question: "So, do you really get to see anything while you're on the road"... The answer is usually: "well you do actually, just not a lot of things that tourists see". I think I just got that vague answer confirmed more than ever on our little trip to Wastings. It really gives you insight, definitely more insight than a look at the statue of liberty or a stay at the Waldorf Astoria would. It's real.

On an ending note: Down Under, get ready because we're about to leave you breathless! See you soon!


Posted on 27 Aug 2010 by: Dirk Verbeuren

Speed-y update from Texas!

Hi everyone!

So we're 3 weeks into the tour, currently in Houston. It's damn humid today, still decided to do my work out indoors while Rammstein was blasting from the PA. We've had such great shows on this tour, Texas has really picked up and we have loads of loyal fans here. The show in Austin was insane, in fact so insane we blew up the PA! The power cut out in the middle of Nerve, but the crowd kept on singing it. Magical. After that I borrowed a megaphone from Swashbuckle to keep on entertaining everyone. Then people started singing another SOILWORK song acapella, which I believe was As We Speak. The local crew was struggling to fix things but after 10 minutes they got it all to work again. We started exactly where the power cut out, last chorus of Nerve, we didn't want the crowd to miss any of it!

Yesterday we hit Fort Worth and the show there was nothing but awesome. Shot some footage in the backlounge of our bus while driving last night. Every member did their own interview for a future promo piece, and our amazing crew also got their own interviews to tell everyone how it REALLY is. My favorite part has got to be when our merch guy Thorns decided to recreate Chris Holmes of WASP's vodka scene from The Decline of Western Civilization this morning with a bottle of Grey Goose and a pair of gigantic Serengeti sunglasses.

We have 2 weeks left on this tour and I'll miss the hell out of it, gonna still be singing the new songs in my sleep when I get home... Whatever you do, don't miss out on seeing SOILWORK at its best, we've never sounded better live, trust me! If we're not coming to your town, make sure you pick up The Panic Broadcast meanwhile and practice the vocals; I'll make sure you get to sing the crap out of it in the front row next time we hit your soil. It'll be soon, don't you worry!


Posted on 07 Aug 2010 by: Dirk Verbeuren

Soilwork begins writing songs for new album... and I have a solo project!

Hello everyone,

The tropical heat has just arrived to Sweden and things are starting to shape up. Two festivals coming up real soon, looking forward to that...

Songwriting mania has just begun for both Soilwork and another act i would like to introduce you to. I have just launched my solo project that so far remain nameless. I have somewhat a clear picture in my head of how the music will sound like. This might come as a shock to some of you but think "Welcome to my Nightmare" by Alice Cooper, "Destroyer" with Kiss, early Aerosmith, a dose of "Born to Run" with Bruce Springsteen, a rocked out Elvis, some Motown, first Boston album and some early Steely Dan etc...how about it folks? The sound is gonna be dirty retro classic rock with horns, strings and some spaced out percussion. I always wanted to do a real atmospheric rock album which has a pretentious, yet dirty dirty feel to it.. it's gonna be one hell of a project to make this all happen but i will give it the pace it deserves, just wanted to introduce you to it. The line up so far features Sharlee D' Angelo (Arch Enemy, ex Mercyful Fate) on bass and David Andersson (session guitar Soilwork) and will be completed within a near future.  In today's scene i guess it will be hard to find the right label for this, not really metal label material i suppose...interested labels can shoot an email to the following adress: stridsolo@gmail.com

In other personal news I'm still doing vocal coaching in my hometown Helsingborg in Sweden and will also be able to do vocal coaching when I head for Phoenix, AZ in the end of july. I'm also able to do produce vocals in studio. if you want me to produce your vocals on your recording, don't hesitate to get in touch! Interested people can reach me at speedvocalcoaching@gmail.com. Please only serious offers!  Peace out!

Posted on 04 Jun 2009 by: Speed

News from the road

What up people!? 

As you might know, we're currently out on tour in Europe. I'm writing to you from Glasgow, Scotland. The rain is just as unstoppable as the beer drinking on the tourbus, but today the sun is actually shining and everybody is in a great mood!

We're now ten days into this European trek and things are going smoothly. Peter and Sylvain are tearing it up; I'm telling you people, they're a murderous guitar duo. Just you wait and see! Crowds have been great as well, noisy and roudy, just the way we like it! Luckily, my twisted flipper is back on track after falling into the drumkit while doing some of that old school pogo dancing on stage... However, my stage shirt is pink after a head-shaving accident right before the Birmingham show last night...

Anyways, we're doing some tracks that we haven't played live in a very long time, and even some tracks that we've never played at all like "Black Star Deceiver". I gotta say it's working out really good! The only thing missing is Devin Townsend doing his trade off vocals with me. I guess I'll just have to fly him to Europe... You there Devin?
Speaking of setlists, I was just checking the poll results for the US tour and I gotta say the response and voting is massive!!! With all of your help, it will turn out to be an interesting setlist for sure... Keep on voting people! 

We brought some portable studio equipment with us on the road, so who knows, some musical magic might be created in the coming weeks. Can't wait for that to happen!

On another note, after posting my vocal coaching offer, I've received a lot of positive feedback and a lot of appointments are booked, really cool... Keep 'em coming and I'll hook you up! 

Talk soon!


Posted on 14 Nov 2008 by: Speed

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